If you’re considering using an appliance repair company for the first time, you may be wondering about the experience you can expect. In this article, we will take you through a Whirlpool washer repair in Bridgeville, PA.

By following along with an actual repair job performed by Hauck Appliance Repair, you’ll not only get an insight into our service but also learn what to expect if you work with us. In this case, a customer from Bridgeville reached out with an issue regarding their Whirlpool top load washing machine.

Issue: Fails to Spin Properly

The customer reported to us that their Whirlpool Washer was not effectively spinning the water out of the clothes and was making a loud noise during the spinning cycle. Our customer service representative promptly gathered all the necessary information and also helped the customer locate the model number of their washer.

This information is helpful as it enables the technician to be better prepared with the most likely parts required to fix the problem during their initial visit.

The customer service representative then scheduled an appointment during a convenient day and timeframe for the customer. They assured the customer that they would receive a phone call the night prior to their appointment, and another call when the technician was on their way.

Cause: Stripped Plastic Spin Basket Hub

The technician arrived at the customer’s residence, and the customer was ready, having received the text notification about the technician’s arrival. After introducing himself, the technician accompanied the customer to the washing machine, where she explained the problem once again. To provide a better understanding of the issue, she even turned on the machine, allowing the technician to hear the noise she had mentioned.

Whirlpool Washer Repair in Bridgeville, PA - BEFORE

When the technician  began diagnosing the problem he had a good idea of the cause based on the described issue and noise. He removed the agitator and discovered that the spin basket hub was stripped, causing the noise and hindering proper spinning. The technician spoke with the customer to show and explain the problem he had identified, presenting a detailed repair quote encompassing the necessary parts and labor.

Solution: Replacement of Spin Basket Hub

The customer was pleased to learn that the required replacement part was relatively inexpensive and approved the repair. Thanks to the technician’s preparedness with the original problem description and the model number, he had the correct replacement part readily available, enabling him to complete the repair during the same visit. This saved the customer from having to wait for a part to be ordered and scheduling a return appointment.

Whirlpool Washer Repair in Bridgeville, PA - AFTER

The technician replaced the spin basket hub, reassembled the machine, and conducted a couple of quick tests to demonstrate to the customer that the washer was now repaired and spinning correctly and quietly.

Another Delighted Customer

At Hauck Appliance Repair, our utmost priority is customer satisfaction. Our goal is to ensure that every customer is a happy customer, from the very first telephone conversation to the final demonstration of a repaired and fully functional appliance.

The overwhelmingly positive reviews we receive serve as a testament to our dedication to customer satisfaction. When you encounter an issue with your appliance, give us a call and provide us with the opportunity to make you our next satisfied customer!



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