GE Dishwasher Repair in Murrysville, PA

Have you ever wondered what to expect from an appliance repair company you haven’t used before? In this job report we’ll detail a typical customer experience with Hauck Appliance Repair, and teach you a little bit about a particular appliance problem and solution. Follow along with us as we take you on a GE dishwasher repair in Murrysville, PA.

Issue: Won’t Complete Cycle Properly

When our customer service representative answered the phone, the caller explained that her GE dishwasher wouldn’t complete a cycle any longer, but she wasn’t sure why or at what point it quit working. Our office staff took down her information and helped her find the model number so that the technician could be better prepared when he arrived, then set a day and time window that worked for her schedule.

The day prior to the appointment, our office reached out to provide a specific two-hour time frame for the following day. Later, shortly before the appointment, we made an additional call to ensure someone was present at home and to inform them that our technician was en route.

Cause: Clogged Water Pressure Switch

When the technician arrived, he introduced himself to the customer and she showed him the dishwasher. He ran some tests and quickly determined that the dishwasher wasn’t filling properly. After a little more diagnosing and troubleshooting, he found that the water pressure switch was clogged with bits of food debris and it couldn’t read the water volume properly. He discussed this with the customer over and explained what the issue was before providing a repair quote.

GE Dishwasher Repair in Murrysville, PA - BEFORE

Solution: Cleaned Water Pressure Switch

The customer was pleased with the news that there were no parts required to fix her dishwasher and the repair would consist of just a normal labor charge. She quickly approved the repair and the tech returned to the dishwasher to complete the repair. He removed the water pressure switch and thoroughly cleaned it before replacing and reconnecting it. He then started a normal cycle and demonstrated to the customer that the dishwasher was operating properly again.

GE Dishwasher Repair in Murrysville, PA - AFTER

Another Happy Customer

At Hauck Appliance Repair, the entire team knows that customer service and satisfaction is always the first priority. From the moment the first phone call is answered to completion when the technician demonstrates the completed repair and proper operation of the appliance, the goal is to have the customer pleased with the interaction and the service they’ve received from us.

The best indication of our focus on customer satisfaction is the large number of positive 5 star reviews we receive for our service. Don’t hesitate to call Hauck Appliance Repair the next time you have a kitchen or laundry appliance problem. We look forward to the chance to make you our next happy customer!



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